Call for Papers (Flyer)

The 14th International Conference on Construction and Project Management (ICCPM 2023) is the premier forum for the presentation of new advances and research results in the fields of theoretical, experimental, and applied Construction and Project Management. The conference will bring together leading researchers, engineers and scientists in the domain of interest from around the world. Topics of interest for submissions include, but not limited to:

Urban Construction and Applications

Architectural design and urban planning
Urban infrastructure construction
Upgrading and transformation of urbanization
Planning and construction of sponge city
Smart city construction
Urban sustainability and the urban environment
Green ecological community
The city's old community renewal project
Conservation and renovation of historic buildings
Landscape Design
Civil and structural engineering
Urban public transport planning and operation
Urban environmental engineering
Cities' response to climate change
Water system planning and water ecological restoration
City public safety system
Highway Engineering
Urban and Rural Planning
Low Carbon City
Urban Landscaping
Municipal Engineering
Tunnel and Bridge Engineering

Engineering and Management

Structural Design and Theory
Built Environment Management
Urban Planning and Management
Information and Communication Management
Environmental and Plant Engineering
Management Information System (MIS)
Engineering project management
Quality Control and Management

Industrial Engineering and Management

Decision Support Systems and Models
Human-Machine Environment System
Supply Chain Management and Modeling
Production logistics system
industrial design
production planning
reliability engineering
System Simulation and Modeling

Safety Engineering and Management

Security Theory and Practice
Disaster Modeling and Simulation
Disaster Risk Analysis
System Analysis and Decision Making
Control and Management Technology
Accident Analysis and Prevention


Entrepreneurship Projects and Management

Project management, strategy and competitiveness
Models, methodologies and management systems for project management
Creation of companies
Sustainable entrepreneurship
Learning in entrepreneurship
Modernization of organizations
Accounting, finance and international business for organizations.
Organizational leadership
Marketing in organizations
Finance and international business
Macroeconomics and economic development
Policies and public administration
Project management, strategy and competitiveness
Models, methodologies and management systems for project management

Science Technology and Innovation Projects

Innovation for the sustainability of organizations
Process management and design
Sustainable supply chains
Methodologies and instruments for environmental management.
sustainable development
Environmental and agri-food contaminants
Management in Health and collective health
Automation and optimization of production processes.
Renewable energy and energetic efficiency
Nature-based solutions and transformative changes towards sustainability