Conference History

2019 10th International Conference on Construction and Project Management

(ICCPM 2019)

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Best Presentations

Title: Evaluation of Factors Affecting Workplace Accident at MUTU Coal Company using Human Factor Analysis and Classification System for Coal Mines

Presenter: Fariz Setyana Pratama

Affiliation: Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia

Title: Modeling Adoption of Electronic Money in Indonesia: Conceptual Approach for Less Cash Society Development

Presenter: Almira Dilis Eliana Zelin

Affiliation: System Engineering, Modeling, and Simulation Laboratory, Indonesia

Title: Optimization Model to Minimize Cost of Inpatient Bed Provision in Public Hospital

Presenter: Dea Ananda Nabila

Affiliation: Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia

Title: Understanding the Systemic Relationship of Industry 4.0 Adoption in the Indonesian Food and Beverage Industry

Presenter: Ashania Rahmadhani

Affiliation: Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia

Title: Developing a Dump Truck Drivers Occupational Fatigue Assessment Model as Hauling Workplace Accidents Prevention: Study Case at Indonesia’s Coal Mining Company

Presenter: Aryasatya Adyatama

Affiliation: Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia